India Report

The first issue was produced by Deepak Lalwani on March 6, 1995 at the request of The Indian High Commission, London, for an investor meeting that it was hosting.

Since then he has produced The India Report on a regular basis, up to thrice monthly, with over 800+ reports having been written in this time. It is probably the most long standing, consistent and influential report prepared and published in the West on the unfolding India story since the economy started to open up to foreign investors.

The India Report does not offer investment advice, and does not comment on individual shares or portfolios. Rather, its aim is to tell the unfolding India economic story at a macroeconomic level in an unbiased, measured, succinct and lucid way. In a busy day with many interruptions it objectively provides in just two pages a sharp and analytical snapshot of news and trends in India.

The readership is worldwide and includes financial institutions and global influencers.

On a paid subscription you can receive the India Report by e mail. Enquiries to:   info@lalcap.com

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Issue: 16-May-2014 Issue: 16-May-2014

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2014 Indian General Elections analysis + charts on  how parties performed